Virginia Ginger Wade - Language Consulting

Business English - Communication Coaching - Translation


On-site and online language skills and coaching

Whether one-on-one instruction or in small groups from different departments, English language courses are tailored to fit the needs of your workforce. Courses focus on the vocabulary and skills your employees need for working more effectively. Featuring everything from small talk and socializing to presentations and negotiating skills, we help learners acquire the language that will help them get the job done.

Translation services

Websites, screenplays, sales brochures, technical manuals, customs software programs, advertising materials, legal documents, articles for trade journals, poetry – we’ve translated all these and more. We also correct formatting, layout and consistency – especially for projects such as PowerPoint presentations, where visuals are key. No job too big or too small or too esoteric. We offer competitive prices and quick service.


Communication skills

Intercultural communication is more than just mastery of a common language – it’s knowing and understanding the culture, the background, and the motivation of your business partner. Understanding this can help you to be aware of and avoid common pitfalls. With coaching, role-plays and real-life useful tips to help you break the ice and seal the deal, we can help to build your confidence and set you up for success.

Intercultural understanding

Because business and communication is more than the spoken word, we help you with the nuances of communication including gesture, body language and cultural norms. Based on many years of living abroad and conducting business on an international scale, instruction is based not just on clichés and stereotypes but an understanding of cultural differences worldwide.